Christ on the Mount of Olives (1819) by Francisco Goya

Christ on the Mount of Olives - Francisco Goya - 1819

Artwork Information

TitleChrist on the Mount of Olives
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Dimensions47 x 35 cm
Art MovementRomanticism
Current LocationEscuelas Pías de San Antón, Madrid, Spain

About Christ on the Mount of Olives

The artwork “Christ on the Mount of Olives” was created by the distinguished Spanish painter Francisco Goya in the year 1819. This oil-on-panel painting measures 47 by 35 centimeters and is a prime example of the Romanticism movement. It is categorized as a religious painting and is currently held at the Escuelas Pías de San Antón in Madrid, Spain.

The composition vividly illustrates the biblical scene of Jesus Christ in a moment of deep prayer and distress at the Mount of Olives, as an angel appears to him bearing a chalice. The artwork is steeped in darkness, with a concentration of light illuminating the central figure of Christ, who is depicted with an expressive gesture of openness and supplication. His white robes stand in stark contrast with the surrounding shadows, emanating a sense of the divine amidst the human anguish. The angel is presented with a sense of ethereality, appearing to provide some form of celestial comfort or revelation to Christ. Goya’s mastery of chiaroscuro is evident in the dramatic interplay of light and dark, enhancing the emotional intensity of the scene. The brushwork, broad and textured, conveys a raw immediacy that is characteristic of Goya’s later works, which often grapple with themes of spirituality and human suffering.

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