Christ Taking Leave of His Mother (1521) by Lorenzo Lotto

Christ Taking Leave of His Mother - Lorenzo Lotto - 1521

Artwork Information

TitleChrist Taking Leave of His Mother
ArtistLorenzo Lotto
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions49 1/8 x 38 5/8 in. (126 x 99 cm)
Current LocationGemaeldegalerie, Berlin

About Christ Taking Leave of His Mother

Lorenzo Lotto’s painting, Christ Taking Leave of his Mother, is a stunning work of art created in 1521. This masterpiece was intended to hang in the household of Domenico Tassi, a prominent patron of Lotto’s art. It depicts the moment when Christ bids farewell to his mother Mary before departing on his journey to Jerusalem and Passion.

What makes this painting unique is its use of ambiguities in space and scale to create heightened religious and visionary effects. Moreover, Elizabetta Rota, Domenico Tassi’s wife, is portrayed in the foreground of the artwork. This choice adds an extra layer of intimacy and humanity to the scene.

The painting shares several similarities with a smaller version by Correggio. Yet, what sets it apart are its intricate details and lifelike figures that bring the moment depicted to life for viewers today. Despite its age, this painting has remained relevant throughout history as it continues to captivate audiences with its vivid portrayal of one of Christianity’s most important moments.

Today the artwork is stored at Gemäldegalerie museum in Berlin where it still draws crowds from all over the world who come to contemplate its breathtaking beauty and expression-rich composition.

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