Christ (1520 – 1522) by Titian

Christ - Titian - 1520 - 1522

Artwork Information

Date1520 - 1522
Dimensions278 x 122 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance

About Christ

The artwork titled “Christ” is a religious painting by the renowned artist Titian, created during the period between 1520 and 1522. This oil on wood painting is a significant piece of the High Renaissance art movement. The artwork, with dimensions of 278 x 122 cm, was part of the Polyptych of the Resurrection series, reflecting the central religious and spiritual themes of the time.

The painting portrays a powerful image of Christ as a central figure, depicted rising from his tomb. Dominating the vertical composition, Christ is presented with a muscular physique and an expressive gaze, directed towards the heavens. His body is almost fully illuminated, suggesting divine emanation, with a robust but delicate white cloth that wraps around his waist and flutters behind him, emphasizing his ascension. The flag he is holding, symbolically representing the Resurrection, billows in the implied wind, adding movement to the otherwise still scene.

Below, the natural world is represented with weight and darkness. A soldier, likely one of the guards of the sepulchre, is seen in armor, lying disoriented on the ground. His pose and the angle of his head suggest astonishment or a state of unconsciousness following the miraculous event. Part of the landscape is visible in the background, depicting a serene scene with a quiet town and calm skies, contrasting with the extraordinary event in the foreground.

The overall composition combines a balance of human drama and celestial serenity, as the earthly presence is starkly contrasted with the divine figure of Christ. Titian’s masterful use of color and his ability to evoke emotion through gesture and expression elevate this artwork to a profound meditation on the themes of faith, death, and resurrection.

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