Christina of Denmark (1538) by Hans HOLBEIN

Christina of Denmark - Hans HOLBEIN - c.1538

Artwork Information

TitleChristina of Denmark
ArtistHans HOLBEIN
MediumOil on Panel
Dimensions82.6 x 179.1 cm
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance
Current LocationNational Gallery, London
Location Created Germany

About Christina of Denmark

The artwork “Christina of Denmark” is a Northern Renaissance portrait by the esteemed artist Hans Holbein, created circa 1538. The medium is oil on panel, and it measures 82.6 cm by 179.1 cm. This significant piece was crafted in Germany and it is currently housed in the National Gallery in London. The artwork captures the likeness of Christina of Denmark, a notable historical figure of that era.

The artwork presents a dignified full-length portrait of a young woman standing against a simple, subdued blue background that highlights her presence. She is clad in an opulent black gown adorned with fur trim and detailed with a modest white collar and cuffs at her wrists that project an air of elegance. Her attire suggests a status of nobility and affluence. The subject’s hands are gently clasped in front of her, accessories are minimal, emphasizing her composed demeanor and the focal points of her gentle facial features and striking attire. The portrayal of textures in the fabric and fur in the painting is meticulous and delicate, manifesting Holbein’s masterful technique. The subject’s expression is serene with a gaze that seems to extend beyond the viewer, imbuing the portrait with a sense of calm authority and reserved grace, characteristic of Holbein’s portraits.

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