Christmas Shoppers, Madison Square (1912) by William Glackens

Christmas Shoppers, Madison Square - William Glackens - 1912

Artwork Information

TitleChristmas Shoppers, Madison Square
ArtistWilliam Glackens
MediumCrayon and watercolor on paper
Dimensions44.5 x 77 cm (17 1/2 x 31 in.)
Current LocationMuseum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

About Christmas Shoppers, Madison Square

William Glackens’ “Christmas Shoppers, Madison Square” is a masterpiece in the genre painting style of New Realism. This represents a group of middle-class women shopping for clothes in New York City. Glackens drew inspiration from the daily life of the city, and this painting is a prime example of this approach.

The piece is a crayon and watercolor on paper, and it measures 17 1/2 x 31 inches (44.5 x 78.7 cm). The painting can be found at the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale, Nova Southeastern University. The portrait includes well-dressed women, namely Edith Glackens, Mrs. Florence Shinn, and Lillian E. Travis.

William Glackens’ contribution to American art cannot be ignored. He is regarded as one of the most influential artists in its history. His work tends to focus on street scenes of daily life in the city’s dark hues, a hallmark of American Impressionism. This artwork is available in fine art print or hand-made oil reproduction.

Overall, this painting has a unique aesthetic quality that portrays the status and social standards of the middle class during that period. It is an excellent representation of Glackens’ style and vision as an artist. The painting’s focus on everyday life highlights the beauty of seemingly ordinary moments in the life of a modern city.

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