Chrysanthemums (Vase fleuri) (1896–1898) by Paul Cezanne

Chrysanthemums (Vase fleuri) - Paul Cezanne - 1896-1898

Artwork Information

TitleChrysanthemums (Vase fleuri)
ArtistPaul Cezanne
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions27 1/2 x 22 3/4 in. (70 x 57.8 cm.)
Current LocationThe Barnes Foundation, Merion, Pennsylvania

About Chrysanthemums (Vase fleuri)

French Post-Impressionist painter Paul Cezanne is known for his still-life paintings, one of which is Chrysanthemums (Vase Fleuri). This oil on canvas artwork was created in 1898 during Cezanne’s final period of work. It depicts a pitcher of flowers, specifically chrysanthemums, placed among various props in the artist’s studio.

Cezanne’s style developed independently while working in isolation in Provence. In this painting, he uses bold brush strokes and a limited color palette to create a sense of depth and space within the composition. The pitcher is portrayed with varying shades of white and gray, while the flowers exhibit bursts of yellow and green against a warm-toned background.

Apart from the floral arrangement, the painting also features a patterned drapery colored in green, red, and orange. Upon closer examination, it is revealed that this is actually a carpet draped over the table on which the pitcher sits. Interestingly, this use of studio props was common in Cezanne’s still-life paintings as he experimented with capturing light and form.

Chrysanthemums (Vase Fleuri) can be found at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, PA where it remains an excellent example of Cezanne’s mastery of color and brushwork techniques that were highly influential on modern art movements such as Cubism.

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