Church of San Esteban (1946) by Edward Hopper

Church of San Esteban - Edward Hopper - 1946

Artwork Information

TitleChurch of San Esteban
ArtistEdward Hopper
Art MovementNew Realism
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About Church of San Esteban

The artwork titled “Church of San Esteban” was created by the artist Edward Hopper in 1946. This piece is associated with the New Realism art movement and is classified as a cityscape. The artwork captures the architectural splendor of the church with a keen attention to light and shadow, characteristics often linked to Hopper’s style.

The artwork presents a monochromatic depiction of the Church of San Esteban, as seen from a distance. The vantage point offers a view of the rooftops and architectural structures, including the prominently featured domed tower and the patterned, ornate surface of the main dome. The edifice stands out amidst the surrounding buildings, suggesting its significance and grandeur. In the background, mountainous terrain provides a stark contrast to the man-made constructions, enhancing the solemn and serene atmosphere typically evoked in Hopper’s work. The sky above seems dynamic, possibly suggesting the transient moments of early morning or late afternoon, a time when light casts deep shadows and enriches forms with depth. The artwork encapsulates Hopper’s skill in rendering the interplay between the built environment and the natural world, while also reflecting a moment of stillness and isolation.

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