Cicada (1979) by Jasper Johns

Cicada - Jasper Johns - 1979

Artwork Information

ArtistJasper Johns
MediumWatercolor, Crayon, and pencil on paper
Dimensions109.2 x 73 cm (43 x 28 3/4")
Current LocationCollection of the Artist

About Cicada

Jasper Johns’ “Cicada” is a noteworthy artwork that was created in 1979, and exists in multiple mediums. This includes a color screenprint, watercolor on paper, and oil on canvas. The six prints on-screen were published by Simca Print Artists and Jasper Johns between 1979-1981. Additionally, there is the lithograph “CICADA” which measures 45.0×35.3 cm.

The Whitney Museum of American Art owns two versions of this piece – the color screenprint and the watercolor on paper. Jasper Johns is an artist with a good reputation recognized by museums such as The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and Centre Pompidou.

“Cicada” represents a strong example of John’s abstract style in art due to its incorporation of different textures with bold colors that seem arranged arbitrarily but unhesitatingly. For those who appreciate unconventional art forms, Cicada provides an opportunity to see how Johns depicts diverse materials into one definitive piece guaranteed to generate curiosity among audiences who fancy classic abstract art pieces featuring eye-catching arrays that represent excellent details not commonly observed by enthusiasts alike.

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