Cicada (ULAE 219) by Jasper Johns

Cicada (ULAE 219) - Jasper Johns -

Artwork Information

TitleCicada (ULAE 219)
ArtistJasper Johns
Art MovementAbstract Expressionism

About Cicada (ULAE 219)

The artwork “Cicada (ULAE 219)” by Jasper Johns is rooted in the Abstract Expressionism movement and classified as abstract. Johns, celebrated for his contributions to modern art movements and particularly known for his use of symbolic imagery and innovative techniques, has imbued this piece with a distinct abstract quality.

In “Cicada (ULAE 219),” the viewer is presented with a rich tapestry of red interlocking shapes, which may evoke the idea of the cicada’s wings or segments. The hues of red vary in intensity and tone, creating a dynamic and textured surface. These fragmented patterns are set against a neutral background, which amplifies the visual impact of the red forms. The method of repetition and layering within the artwork contributes to a sense of rhythm and movement.

Despite its title, the piece does not offer a literal representation of its namesake but instead invites interpretation through its abstract composition. Jasper Johns’ technique provides depth and complexity, encouraging a contemplative engagement from the observer.

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