Cielo enladrillado…. (2019) by Marietta Negueruela

Cielo enladrillado.... - Marietta Negueruela - 2019

Artwork Information

TitleCielo enladrillado....
ArtistMarietta Negueruela
MediumOil Pastel on Wood

About Cielo enladrillado....

The artwork titled “Cielo enladrillado” is an oil pastel on wood piece created by artist Marietta Negueruela in 2019. The piece measures 31.9 by 39.4 inches and fits within the landscape genre, adhering to the figurative art movement.

This particular artwork is characterized by a vibrant and expansive sky, rendered in varying shades of yellow that possibly suggest a gleaming, luminous quality akin to a sunset or sunrise. The sky occupies a dominant portion of the composition, where repetitive, brush-like strokes create a textured tapestry that could evoke the feeling of movement or the ephemeral nature of clouds.

Below the sky, the landscape is portrayed in an unconventional manner, showing a flat plane divided into brightly colored sections reminiscent of farmland seen from an aerial perspective. The use of geometric shapes and bold colors for the fields in various shades of green, yellow, and touches of red challenges the conventional methods of representing land, introducing a playful and almost surreal interpretation of the rural scenery.

The vanishing point situated on the horizon line at the base of the sky gives the viewer a sense of depth and perspective, while the flatness and saturation of colors in the fields create a striking contrast with the textured sky. This artistic choice might bring forth a sense of abstraction, inviting observers to contemplate the relationship between the earth and the expanse above it. The piece thus captures an essence of nature’s expansiveness and its vibrant color pallet.

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