City Roofs (1932) by Edward Hopper

City Roofs - Edward Hopper - 1932

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TitleCity Roofs
ArtistEdward Hopper
Art MovementSocial Realism
Current LocationPrivate Collection
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About City Roofs

The artwork “City Roofs” was created by Edward Hopper in the year 1932. It is a cityscape that reflects the Social Realism art movement and is currently held in a private collection. This art piece captures the essence of urban architecture during the early 20th century, using the rooftops of city buildings as a subject to convey the everyday reality and isolation of urban life.

The painting presents a perspective as seen from a high vantage point, looking across the flat rooftops of several nondescript buildings. It features a palette of warm earth tones with contrasting shades that delineate the architectural elements and their interaction with light. The composition is devoid of human presence, which adds to the sense of solitude and the focus on the forms and structures that make up the urban landscape. Specific details such as chimney stacks, vent pipes, and a sole, dark water tank establish a strong structural rhythm against the backdrop of a clear sky and a tall building in the distance. The shadows cast by the buildings contribute to the dramatic effect and emphasize the play of light, a signature element usually found in Hopper’s works to evoke mood and narrative.

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