City (2021) by Silvia Szlapka

City - Silvia Szlapka - 2021

Artwork Information

ArtistSilvia Szlapka
MediumOil on Canvas

About City

The artwork titled “City” is a creation by artist Silvia Szlapka, completed in the year 2021. This piece is an oil painting on canvas, encompassing dimensions of 19.7 by 47.2 inches. The genre of the artwork falls within the realm of abstract art, and it is representative of the abstract movement.

“City” exemplifies an abstract composition, where the delineation of a metropolis is suggested through a mosaic of colors and interlocking shapes. The piece is characterized by a playful yet intricate array of hues, ranging from soft pastels to vibrant accents, which coalesce to mimic the ebullient chaos and order one might encounter in an urban landscape. Ethereal forms seem to float and overlap, conjuring a sense of depth and movement that invites contemplation. The absence of literal representation allows viewers to project their interpretations, possibly seeing in it the complexity of city life, the interaction of architecture, or the pulsating rhythm of urbanity.

Overall, Szlapka’s “City” is a rich tapestry of texture and color, embodying the spirit of abstract art by challenging the spectator to perceive beyond the tangible towards the imaginative and evocative.

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