Classie Lassie (1944 – 1945) by Aaron Bohrod

Classie Lassie - Aaron Bohrod - 1944 - 1945

Artwork Information

TitleClassie Lassie
ArtistAaron Bohrod
Date1944 - 1945

About Classie Lassie

Aaron Bohrod was an American artist who was celebrated for his range of work in watercolor and gouache, including realist figures in cityscapes, landscapes, and surrealism. He also delved into trompe-l’oeil painting, a style he developed in the 1950s that involved creating highly realistic still-life compositions with intricate detail to create an illusion of real life. One of his paintings which captured this style is Classie Lassie, created between 1944 and 1945.

Classie Lassie depicts a woman’s head encased in a glass bubble-like dome mounted on a mahogany base or plinth featuring polished brass fittings. The artwork represents one of Bohrod’s explorations into surrealism, where he broke free from traditional styles and conventions to create works that challenged perceptions about art. The use of the glass bubble to encapsulate the woman’s head gives her an other-worldly look while symbolizing confinement and entrapment at the same time.

Bohrod’s America and its history were also prominently featured in his work, as seen with Classie Lassie. His initial paintings documented Chicago street scenes of the post-Depression era and focused on depicting working-class people through social realism techniques. Some pieces by Bohrod are owned by Whitney Museum of American Art, while MutualArt has valued some works like Street Scene, Landscape Near Chicago as having substantial auction prices over time.

In conclusion, through artworks such as Classis Lassie , Aaron Bohrod became renowned for shaping work with intricate details that emphasized realism tempered towards philosophical themes that opened up discussions around perceptions about art which continued to influence contemporary artists today.

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