Cloudy Bridge (2020) by Marieke Bekke

Cloudy Bridge - Marieke Bekke - 2020

Artwork Information

TitleCloudy Bridge
ArtistMarieke Bekke
MediumAcrylic, Oil on Canvas

About Cloudy Bridge

The artwork titled “Cloudy Bridge” was crafted by the artist Marieke Bekke in the year 2020. Employing mediums such as acrylic and oil on canvas, Bekke has created a piece that measures 35.4 by 47.2 inches. The genre of this work is urban, and it is associated with the figurative art movement, offering viewers a representation grounded in real-world subjects and scenarios.

In “Cloudy Bridge,” the artist presents a scene containing what appears to be elements of urban architecture, possibly depicting a segment of a bridge or an ornate building. The palette is dominated by cool tones of blue and grey, juxtaposed with warmer hues of yellow and beige that suggest the presence of diffuse, perhaps overcast, lighting conditions. The brushwork is expressive and leans towards abstraction, with the discernible outlines of architectural forms emerging from broader strokes that capture the essence of the urban environment rather than detailed exactitude.

The composition engages the viewer in a dialogue between the solidity of the architectural components and the transient quality of the depicted atmosphere. The clouds blend into the background, enhancing the sense of a moment captured in time. The signature of the artist is visible in the lower right corner, indicating the authenticity and completion of this piece. Through the interplay of color, texture, and composition, Marieke Bekke’s “Cloudy Bridge” embodies the urban experience in a fluid, almost ephemeral manner.

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