Coast Guard Station, Two Lights, Maine (1927) by Edward Hopper

Coast Guard Station, Two Lights, Maine - Edward Hopper - 1927

Artwork Information

TitleCoast Guard Station, Two Lights, Maine
ArtistEdward Hopper
Art MovementNew Realism
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About Coast Guard Station, Two Lights, Maine

The artwork “Coast Guard Station, Two Lights, Maine” was created by the artist Edward Hopper in 1927. This oil on canvas piece is a notable work within the New Realism movement and falls within the landscape genre. Edward Hopper’s distinctive style is marked by an emphasis on the play of light and shadow, and a sense of solitude and stillness that pervades many of his scenes.

The artwork presents a view of what appears to be a serene and isolated coastal environment. The composition is centered around a stark white Coast Guard station prominently situated on the coastline. The building’s sharp, geometric architecture contrasts with the organic lines of the surrounding landscape. Hopper has masterfully employed a palette that reflects the glaring sunlight and the deep blues of the sea.

The American flag flutters at the top of the station, imparting a sense of patriotism and function to the otherwise quiet scene. In the foreground, the artist has depicted a rocky beach with an intense, almost ultramarine blue waterway or inlet that leads the viewer’s eye directly toward the station. The sky above is rendered in soft hues, suggesting either early morning or late afternoon light.

Across the landscape, the shadows and the raw beauty of the natural setting evoke a feeling of timeless solitude. The absence of human figures is typical of Hopper’s work, allowing the viewers to imbue the scene with their own emotional responses to the environment depicted. Overall, this piece is an embodiment of Edward Hopper’s skill in capturing the essence of American landscapes and his unique ability to weave a narrative of stillness and introspection through his choice of setting and light.

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