Coat Hanger and Spoon (from Fragment – According to What) (1971) by Jasper Johns

Coat Hanger and Spoon (from Fragment - According to What) - Jasper Johns - 1971

Artwork Information

TitleCoat Hanger and Spoon (from Fragment - According to What)
ArtistJasper Johns
Art MovementNeo-Dada,Pop Art

About Coat Hanger and Spoon (from Fragment - According to What)

The artwork titled “Coat Hanger and Spoon (from Fragment – According to What)” was created by Jasper Johns in 1971. This piece is linked with the Neo-Dada and Pop Art movements and has been classified under the figurative genre. Johns is renowned for his use of iconic and everyday objects in his work, challenging traditional perceptions of art and its purpose.

In “Coat Hanger and Spoon,” the artist presents a stark two-part composition that juxtaposes the mundane objects of a coat hanger and a spoon. The upper section of the artwork features a dark, almost brooding, abstract background with a white silhouette suggestive of a spoon. The lower section, in contrast, is lighter with faint vertical brushstrokes and displays a wire coat hanger, also rendered in a thin, almost skeletal, outline. The hanger crosses the boundary between the two color fields, creating a tension and dialogue between the objects and their contrasting backdrops.

Johns’ use of these everyday items invites viewers to reconsider the artistic potential of common objects and to recognize the extraordinary within the ordinary. His juxtaposition of abstract and figurative elements, combined with a monochromatic palette, evokes a contemplation of form, function, and representation. The minimalistic approach and precise placement of the objects within the artwork convey both a simplicity and a depth that are characteristic of Johns’ innovative style.

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