Coin by Achraf Baznani

Coin - Achraf Baznani -

Artwork Information

ArtistAchraf Baznani
Art MovementSurrealism

About Coin

The artwork titled “Coin” by Achraf Baznani is a remarkable example of surrealism realized through the media of photomontage and photography. Baznani employs these techniques to defy ordinary proportions and logic, creating a genre that falls under the umbrella of fine art photography.

In this artwork, we observe a miniature figure of a man in what appears to be a regular domestic setting. The man is dressed in a casual shirt and pants, with a cap on his head and is barefoot. However, the surreal element comes into play with the depiction of the man holding a gigantic coin, which dwarfs him in size. The coin is so large in comparison that the man seems to be struggling with its weight, as he holds it in front of him with both hands.

The background is understated, ensuring that the focus remains fixed on the central enigmatic action. There are several smaller coins lying on the ground in the background, which further emphasizes the altered reality where the laws of size and perspective do not apply. With its play on proportion and context, Baznani’s artwork invites the viewer to ponder themes of value, economy, and the human role within these constructs. Surreal as it is, the scene manages to convey a tangible sense of weight and effort, thus bridging the gap between the imaginary and the real.

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