Color Numeral Series (ULAE 59-68) (1969) by Jasper Johns

Color Numeral Series (ULAE 59-68) - Jasper Johns - 1969

Artwork Information

TitleColor Numeral Series (ULAE 59-68)
ArtistJasper Johns
Art MovementPop Art

About Color Numeral Series (ULAE 59-68)

The artwork titled “Color Numeral Series (ULAE 59-68)” was created by Jasper Johns in 1969. This series is an exemplar of Pop Art, showcasing an abstract approach to familiar subjects, in this case, numbers. The artwork comprises a set of prints, each depicting a numeral from zero to nine, rendered with a vivid array of colors and dynamic brushstrokes that give each figure a unique textural and chromatic complexity.

In the artwork, the numerals are foregrounded against varied blends of colors that seem to float within each print, suggesting depth and movement. The colors transition smoothly within each numeral and background, contributing to a sense of fluidity. Despite the abstracted forms, each numeral remains distinct and recognizable, a testament to Johns’ skillful balance between abstraction and representation. The use of overlapping colors and the tactile quality of the prints invite viewers to consider the interplay between color, form, and the symbolism of numbers. Each print in the series stands alone as a complete work, yet they collectively form a coherent ensemble that encapsulates the spirit of the Pop Art movement.

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