Columbine (1950) by Max Beckmann

Columbine - Max Beckmann - 1950

Artwork Information

ArtistMax Beckmann
Art MovementExpressionism
Current LocationSaint Louis Art Museum, St. Louis, MO, US

About Columbine

The artwork “Columbine” was created by the artist Max Beckmann in 1950. It is an oil on canvas symbolic painting that belongs to the Expressionism art movement. This painting can be found in the Saint Louis Art Museum located in St. Louis, Missouri, United States.

The artwork depicts a figure that likely represents Columbine, a character from commedia dell’arte, a theatrical form that originated in Italy. The character is portrayed in a seated position, with a distinct mask covering the eyes, which suggests a sense of mystery or concealment. The figure clutches a dress or cloth bearing heart motifs, a possible symbol of love, affection, or drama associated with the Columbine character. The bold and visible brushstrokes are exemplary of Expressionism, emphasizing the emotional experience over physical reality.

The palette is characterized by dark tones juxtaposed with vibrant colors, such as the greens and reds that stand out against the more muted background. By using strong contours and simplifying the details, Beckmann lends an intense personal style to the work that enhances its emotional impact. The inclusion of playing cards on the table before the figure adds another layer of symbolism, perhaps alluding to themes of chance and fortune. Overall, “Columbine” is an evocative piece that invites viewers to interpret the layered meanings presented within the composition.

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