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TitleColumn With Ionic Capital
ArtistGreek Art

About Column With Ionic Capital

The Ionic order is a classical architectural style that originated in Ionia, Turkey. It was one of three column styles used in ancient Greece and was characterized by its stylized and embellished form compared to the simpler Doric style. The most distinctive feature of the Ionic order is its scroll-shaped ornaments, or volutes, on the capital at the top of the column shaft.

Greek art emerged around 650 BCE and lasted until around 27 BCE. The Ionic capital was more slender and ornate than its Doric counterpart, making it suitable for smaller buildings and interiors. The Roman composite capital later derived from variations of the Classical Ionic order, while Byzantine invention also contributed to its evolution.

If you’re interested in seeing examples of Greek art with this particular column style, visit museums such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Their collection comprises over 30,000 works from the Neolithic period to Roman times. Some famous structures that use the Ionic order include buildings at Athens’ Acropolis like Erechtheum temple’s porch on Caryatids or Temple of Athena Nike’s balustrade.

Overall, if elegance and adornment are priorities for your architectural design needs then consider using an iconic column with a beautiful Ionic Capital reminiscent of Greek artwork styles seen throughout time immemorial!

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