Composition (1941) by Alberto Magnelli

Composition - Alberto Magnelli - 1941

Artwork Information

ArtistAlberto Magnelli
Art MovementAbstract Art

About Composition

The artwork “Composition” was created by Alberto Magnelli in 1941 and is associated with the Abstract Art movement. As an abstract genre piece, it showcases non-representational forms and colors.

Upon observing the artwork, one can note a play of organic and somewhat geometric shapes, predominantly in a palette that combines earthy tones like browns and reddish hues with black and shades of gray. These forms are overlaid and interwoven with each other, creating a sense of depth and complexity. The background appears to be a light, neutral color, which allows the darker shapes to stand out prominently. The artist has signed the piece at the bottom right corner. The composition as a whole does not directly depict real-world objects, allowing viewers to interpret the forms and their relationships freely.

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