Composition in Color A (1917) by Piet Mondrian

Composition in Color A - Piet Mondrian - 1917

Artwork Information

TitleComposition in Color A
ArtistPiet Mondrian
Art MovementNeoplasticism

About Composition in Color A

“Composition in Color A” is an abstract artwork by Piet Mondrian created in 1917. It is an example of the Neoplasticism movement, which was a style characterized by a strict geometric order and a reduction to the essentials of form and color. The artwork represents Mondrian’s progressive abstraction aimed at universal beauty and harmony.

The painting consists of a composition of rectangular color planes in blue, red, and orange, surrounded by black lines, against a white background. The rectangles appear to float over the surface, varying in size and proportion, without any clear focal point, suggesting a non-hierarchical structure. The black lines that intersperse between the colored shapes are irregular, neither forming a grid nor connecting all shapes together. This piece reflects Mondrian’s exploration of pure abstraction and his attempt to convey a sense of balance and pure plasticity through a limited range of forms and colors.

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