Composition V (1911) by Wassily Kandinsky

Composition V - Wassily Kandinsky - 1911

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TitleComposition V
ArtistWassily Kandinsky
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions190 x 275 cm
Art MovementAbstract Art
Current LocationPrivate Collection
Location Created Munich / Monaco, Germany

About Composition V

“Composition V,” created by Wassily Kandinsky in 1911, is an exemplar of abstract art, which marked a significant shift in artistic expression during the early 20th century. Kandinsky’s oil on canvas work measures 190 x 275 cm and is one of his renowned “Compositions” series. Executed in Munich, Germany, the painting stands as a testament to the abstract art movement and currently resides in a private collection.

The artwork itself abandons representational imagery in favor of a complex arrangement of shapes, lines, and colors, designed to evoke emotion and contemplation. The canvas reveals a blend of organic and geometric forms intertwined into a dynamic visual rhythm, imbued with a sense of movement and theatricality. Swaths of muted color harmonize with bolder tones, while fluid and sharp lines guide the eye through a tapestry of abstract elements. The interaction of these various components suggests an internal logic, a composition that communicates beyond conventional visual references and speaks directly to the viewer’s subconscious. Kandinsky’s pioneering work thus encapsulates the essence of abstraction: the liberation of art from the direct depiction of reality.

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