Composition VII (1913) by Wassily Kandinsky

Composition VII - Kandinsky, Wassily - 1913 - 3

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Artwork Information

TitleComposition VII
ArtistWassily Kandinsky
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions200 x 300 cm
Art MovementAbstract Art
Current LocationTretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Location Created Munich / Monaco, Germany
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About Composition VII

Kposition VIIii is a revered masterpiece of abstract art by Wassily Kandinsky and is currently located in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. With dimensions of 200 X 300 centimeters, it stands as a testament to the modernist artist’s vision and skill. The painting, created in 1913, is commonly interpreted as a reflection of themes introduced throughout his work, including Judgement Day and the Flood, as well as his personal interpretations of Bible stories like Eden.

Kposition VIIii also serves as an example of Kandinsky’s innovative use of colours and shapes to describe his views on spirituality. The painting contains familiar forms such as circles representing the divine unity, alongside more complex symbols such as horns that might represent duality or warning. Despite its complexity, Kposition VIIii has become an iconic representation of abstract expressionism for many art enthusiasts around the world.

Kandinsky’s oeuvre features another masterwork that is often compared to Kposition VIIii: Composition Vi (1913). While this work similarly offers insight into Kandinsky‚Äôs spiritual interests, it presents a cooler palette which evokes feelings related to nature rather than the raw power felt when standing before Kposition VIIii. Together these paintings capture Wassily Kandinsky’s growth and evolution in developing his style over time through each composition he created.

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