Constance (1896) by Albert Pinkham Ryder

Constance - Albert Pinkham Ryder - 1896

Artwork Information

ArtistAlbert Pinkham Ryder
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions28 1/4 x 36 in. (71.7 x 91.4 cm)
Current LocationMuseum of Fine Arts, Boston

About Constance

Albert Pinkham Ryder was an American painter born on March 19, 1847 and he passed away on March 28, 1917. He is known for his depictions of emotionally charged scenes in works such as Constance (1896). This oil on canvas painting stands at 36 in in height and 28.25 in in width. Its vivid colors and storybook-like quality captures the eye and evokes the imagination. Ryder had a unique style of painting that was unlike any other of his time, which makes it both special and one-of-a-kind.

Constance by Albert Pinkham Ryder is a highly emotive piece that is sure to leave an impression with viewers when seen. The detailed imagery captures not only its characters but also the natural setting of the painting carefully chosen by Ryder himself. By taking into account its elements such as the symbolic objects adorning the figures’ attire, this piece serves as a reflection on society at the time it was made. Constance serves as a compelling example of Ryder’s artistic expression and offers something unique that few other artworks can deliver.

Following Albert Pinkham Ryder’s work though moving through history, we are introduced to View Of Haarlem With Bleaching Grounds by Jacob Van Ruisdael which was created in 1665. It offers a completely different take than that of Albert Pinkham Ryder’s; this mid 17th century oil on canvas painting depicts a peaceful view of Haarlem, featuring rows of buildings beneath cloudy skies alongside grassy meadows, streams etc., while bleaching grounds peacefully fill out the scene with their own added beauty.. Despite being centuries apart from each other these two masterpieces share common aspects alike compositionally while still demonstrating an impressive breadth of vision between their respective artistic styles that captures a moment of culture perfectly!

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