Conversation (1895) by Edgar Degas

Conversation - Edgar Degas - 1895

Artwork Information

ArtistEdgar Degas
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationYale University Art Gallery (Yale University), New Haven, CT, US

About Conversation

The artwork entitled “Conversation” was created by Edgar Degas in 1895. It is an oil on canvas piece reflective of the Impressionist movement, categorized under the genre painting classification. This artwork is housed at the Yale University Art Gallery, which is part of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, United States.

“Conversation” by Edgar Degas captures an intimate scene between two figures, ostensibly engaged in a discussion. The brushwork embodies the loose, rapid strokes typical of Impressionism, where forms are suggested rather than meticulously rendered. The figures are partially illuminated, with shadows playing across their forms, creating an impression of depth and volume. The color palette consists of muted earth tones, with accentuating richer colors that draw attention to the figures. A sense of immediacy and a glimpse into a private moment are hallmarks of this piece. The background features a painting within the painting, indicating the setting may be an artist’s studio or an art-lover’s private quarters, a common theme in Degas’s oeuvre. The artwork conveys the essence of a casual yet captivating exchange, characteristic of Degas’s interest in the portrayal of everyday life and his remarkable ability to capture subtle interactions.

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