Conway Valley, New Hampshire (1854) by John Frederick Kensett

Conway Valley, New Hampshire - John Frederick Kensett - 1854

Artwork Information

TitleConway Valley, New Hampshire
ArtistJohn Frederick Kensett
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions32 3/4 x 48 in (81.2 x 122 cm)

About Conway Valley, New Hampshire

Conway Valley, New Hampshire is a landscape painting created by John Frederick Kensett in 1854. Kensett was an American artist associated with the Hudson River School and Realism art movements. His works emphasized the opposing forces of nature and civilization, which can be seen in this painting’s depiction of a serene valley nestled between rugged mountains.

Painted with oil on canvas, Conway Valley measures at 83.2 x 121.9 cm and showcases Kensett’s mastery of landscape painting techniques. The canvas captures the essence of New Hampshire’s natural beauty, portraying lush greenery contrasted by rocky terrain in stunning detail.

The painting has a rich provenance history having belonged to Harold Bush-Brown of Duxbury Massachusetts before selling at Phillips New York auction house on September 25th, 1980 as lot 129. Today, interested parties can purchase reproductions through arts retailers such as The Worlds Artist or

Overall, Conway Valley remains a breathtaking example of American landscape painting from the mid-19th century. Its ability to portray both the natural beauty and complexity of wilderness highly contributed to its acquisition by present-day collectors; as it continues to inspire artists today looking for themes that engage both nature and industrialization conflict.

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