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TitleCorinth, Temple Of Apollo
ArtistGreek Art

About Corinth, Temple Of Apollo

The Temple of Apollo in Corinth is a famous Greek Doric temple built around 560 B.C.E. It reflects the growth and prosperity of the city of Corinth. The archaeological site of Ancient Corinth can be found on the northern foothills of Acrocorinth, around the Archaic Temple of Apollo.

The Temple itself is a Doric peripteral temple that was constructed ca. 540 B.C.E. with its location providing an exceptional view over both the city and Isthmus below it. In modern times, only seven columns of this emblematic structure remain standing; however, it still provides valuable insights into early Greek architecture and aesthetics.

Artistically speaking, in sculptures and paintings from ancient Greece, Apollo was often represented as a beardless youth either naked or robed; he represented harmony, reason, balance – in short, all virtues sought after by Greek philosophers at that time. The Doric style used for the construction of the temple also reflected these ideals by emphasizing simplicity over decorative extravagance.

In summary, the Temple at Corinth offers a unique snapshot into early Doric architecture and ancient Greek aesthetics; while nowadays only seven columns remain standing,the rich history surrounding this structure makes it a particularly valuable piece of art to any critical historian or art aficionado seeking insight into Ancient Greece’s cultural heritage.

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