Coronation of the Virgin Altarpiece from San Domenico (c. 1434) by Fra Angelico

Coronation of the Virgin Altarpiece from San Domenico - Fra Angelico - c

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Artwork Information

TitleCoronation of the Virgin Altarpiece from San Domenico
ArtistFra Angelico
Date1434 - 1435
MediumTempera on Panel
Dimensions213 x 211 cm
Art MovementEarly Renaissance
Current LocationLouvre, Paris, France
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About Coronation of the Virgin Altarpiece from San Domenico

The Coronation of the Virgin is an altarpiece painted by Fra Angelico around 1434-1435 in Fiesole, Florence. It depicts the crowning of the Virgin Mary as the Queen of Heaven and includes several other figures such as angels and saints. The altarpiece was commissioned for the church of San Domenico in Fiesole and is now housed at Musée du Louvre in Paris.

Fra Angelico made use of egg-yolk medium on a wooden panel to create this piece, which was included in its predella. The detailed workmanship clearly showcases that Fra Angelico was not just an artist but also a great influencer during his time.

This painting showcases Angelico’s masterful skill in blending different elements to create a unified whole, including soothing pastel colors with bold gold accents around the subjects, bringing out their radiance. Additionally, it highlights how religion played a significant role in art during that period since it displays various important biblical characters like Jesus Christ and John the Baptist united towards coronating Mary as Queen of Heaven.

Overall, Fra Angelico’s Coronation Of The Virgin Altarpiece From San Domenico remains one of his most remarkable pieces ever created. Its historic value cannot be underestimated considering it offers insight into the religious beliefs that dominated medieval Europe and also serves as testament to why he was one of its renowned painters during this time period.

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