Coronation of the Virgin (1441-47) by Filippo Lippi

Coronation of the Virgin - Filippo Lippi - 1467 - 1469

Artwork Information

TitleCoronation of the Virgin
ArtistFilippo Lippi
Date1467 - 1469
Dimensions78 3/4 x 113 in. (200 x 287 cm)
Art MovementEarly Renaissance
Current LocationDuomo di Spoleto (Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta), Spoleto, Italy

About Coronation of the Virgin

The artwork “Coronation of the Virgin” by Filippo Lippi is a distinguished fresco dating from the period between 1467 and 1469. Rendered during the Early Renaissance, this religious painting is substantial in size, measuring 78 3/4 x 113 in (200 x 287 cm). Lippi’s creation finds its home in the Duomo di Spoleto (Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta) located in Spoleto, Italy, where it continues to inspire viewers with its spiritual narrative and artistic merit.

In the artwork, the central divine figures of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ are portrayed within an ethereal realm, distinguished by a rainbow encircling them. The Virgin Mary, attired in an opulent, flowing robe, kneels humbly before Christ, who, donned in regal scarlet and blue, places a crown upon her head, symbolizing her ascension and coronation in heaven. Surrounding this celestial scene is a multitude of angelic beings and saints, with their attention directed towards the holy event. The divine and mortal realms are bridged by the presence of these figures, each rendered with individuality and emotion characteristic of Renaissance humanism.

The arrangement of the figures creates a sense of depth and movement, guiding the viewer’s gaze towards the central act of coronation. The fresco’s use of color, delicate detailing, and the representation of folds in the garments contribute to the artwork’s visual richness. Additionally, the positioning of the figures within an otherworldly, curved space gives the impression of a heavenly dome, enhancing the spiritual atmosphere and the transcendent nature of the moment depicted.

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