Count Fernand Nunez VII (1803) by Francisco Goya

Count Fernand Nunez VII - Francisco Goya - 1803

Artwork Information

TitleCount Fernand Nunez VII
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Dimensions211 x 137 cm
Art MovementRomanticism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Count Fernand Nunez VII

The artwork “Count Fernand Nunez VII” is an oil on canvas painting created by Francisco Goya in 1803. It represents a significant contribution to the Romanticism art movement and measures 211 by 137 centimeters. The genre is portraiture, and the painting currently resides in a private collection.

“Count Fernand Nunez VII” depicts a full-length portrait of a male figure clad in the attire characteristic of early 19th-century nobility. The subject stands against a backdrop that subtly transitions from a light sky above to a darker, more terrestrial setting below, suggesting an open landscape. The man is attired in dark clothing, enveloped in a cloak that is swept to his left side, conveying a sense of movement and drama. His legs are crossed, with the right leg forward, and he wears knee-length breeches with stockings and polished shoes.

The count’s expression is contemplative and mild, with his head turned slightly to his left, engaging the viewer with a gentle gaze. His face is framed by sideburns typical of the period, and he sports a tricorn hat adorned with a pompom, further emphasizing the fashion of the era. The artwork’s composition and the subject’s pose with one hand inserted into his vest, exude an air of aristocratic confidence and poise. Goya’s technique involves a nuanced use of light and shadow, providing depth and enriching the sense of three-dimensionality of the figure.

By capturing both the individual character of the count and the broader cultural markers of his time, Goya’s work offers a compelling glimpse into the societal elite during the Romantic period, characterized by individualism, emotion, and a fascination with the natural landscape.

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