Cover Design For Smithers’ Catalogue Of Rare Books (1896 ) by Aubrey Beardsley

Cover Design For Smithers Catalogue Of Rare Books - 1896 - by Aubrey Beardsley

Artwork Information

TitleCover Design For Smithers' Catalogue Of Rare Books
ArtistAubrey Beardsley
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About Cover Design For Smithers' Catalogue Of Rare Books

Aubrey Vincent Beardsley’s cover design for Leonard Smithers’ Catalogue of Rare Books No. 6 in 1896 features a woman reading a book on a striped sofa, with a pet bird perched nearby. The woman wears a frilled skirt and floral hat as she reads, highlighting the Art Nouveau style popular at the time.

Leonard Smithers published several works by Beardsley, some in private editions due to their risqué subject matter. Smithers was known for his involvement in publishing books that challenged social norms, and his collaboration with Beardsley exemplified this ethos.

The cover design is available as framed prints, photos, wall art, and other products. As part of the Scarlet Quince Art Nouveau Fine Art Collection, the design can be purchased as a counted cross-stitch chart or kit for those interested in recreating it themselves.

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