CRICK IN NECK (2018) by Frank Willems

CRICK IN NECK - Frank Willems - 2018

Artwork Information

ArtistFrank Willems
MediumAcrylic, Pastel on Wood


The artwork, titled “CRICK IN NECK,” was created by artist Frank Willems in 2018. It is a genre painting executed in acrylic and pastel on a wooden substrate, measuring 49.2 by 24 inches. This piece is categorized within the Art Brut movement, which is characterized by its raw, primitive, and non-traditional aesthetic.

The artwork showcases a highly stylized figure dominated by a long, disjointed neck which appears to be the central theme, as suggested by the title “CRICK IN NECK.” The creature displays a whimsical and abstract form, with a disproportionately small head and an elongated body. Its facial features comprise multiple eyes and a wide mouth full of geometrical teeth patterns. The color palette is vibrant, with sharp contrasts between the black background, the bright greens, yellows, blues, and reds that outline the figure, and the white text surrounding it.

The background consists of the phrase “CRICK IN NECK” repeatedly hand-written in a childlike scrawl, reinforcing the motif of the artwork. This repetition coupled with the chaotic strokes and symbols suggests a sense of persistent discomfort or irritation associated with the physical condition being referenced. The overall composition, style, and use of text are indicative of the Art Brut movement, emphasizing a raw and unrefined approach to the creative process.

The artwork carries a sense of immediacy and intensity that invites viewers to engage with the visceral experience it aims to portray. It seems to straddle the line between discomfort and playful absurdity, characteristic of Willems’s distinctive style.

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