Crowd Scene (1977-79) by Sidney Goodman

Crowd Scene - Sidney Goodman - 1977-79

Artwork Information

TitleCrowd Scene
ArtistSidney Goodman
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions65 5/8 x 143 5/8 in (166.7 x 364.8 cm)
Current LocationVirginia Museum Of Fine Arts, Richmond

About Crowd Scene

Sidney Goodman was an American artist known for his figurative and allegorical style. He studied illustration at the Philadelphia College of Art in 1954 and devoted himself to the study of European and American masters. As an artist, he explored concepts of ambiguity and clarity, often rendering his subjects using moody or ominous lighting.

Goodman specialized in crowd scenes, which he created through direct observation, imagination, and prolonged study. His works are available on Fine Art America. One significant piece is “Crowd Scene” created between 1977-79 that showcased his artistic prowess on how he plays with light and stacking layers of people within a composition.

In particular, “Crowd Scene” depicts a chaotic scene with figures layered upon each other in texturized harmony. The painting captures the essence of a crowd – the energy, motion, mood swings – while showcasing Goodman’s masterful use of color and composition. His approach excellently portrays real-life situations that can be read as cynical commentary in society; nevertheless from a technical point reveals Goodman’s tallent as an artist who communicates thought-provoking ideas through open-ended narratives.

Sidney Goodman’s “Crowd Scene” is one such artwork that reflects the artist’s ability to capture moments filled with tension through cleverly orchestrated movement patterns portrayed by various individuals depicted in monochromatic hues to emphasize its depth emphasizing alternate truths which are insightful yet relatable at its core.

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