Cumulus Clouds, East River (1901-02) by Robert Henri

Cumulus Clouds, East River - Robert Henri - 1901-02

Artwork Information

TitleCumulus Clouds, East River
ArtistRobert Henri
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions63.5 x 80.6 cm (25 x 31 3/4 in.)
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Cumulus Clouds, East River

Cumulus Clouds, East River is a notable artwork created by Robert Henri in 1901-02. This oil on canvas painting measures 25 3/4 x 32 in. and is currently part of the Smithsonian American Art Museum collection. The painting is inspired by nineteenth-century Romanticism, particularly J.M.W Turner’s seascapes, creating an atmospheric depiction of the East River with its cloudscape.

Robert Henri was a renowned figure of various art movements such as the Hudson River School, Ashcan School, and American Tonalism. He was popularly known for his teaching style at the New York School of Art where he mentored prominent artists such as Joseph Stella, Edward Hopper, Rockwell Kent, George Bellows, and Stuart Davis. Considering his affiliation with different movements and his influence on modern art education in New York City speaks volumes about Robert Henri’s contributions to American art.

Hand-painted museum-quality reproductions are available for purchase online to appreciate this remarkable piece of art further. This public domain image showcases the high quality of work that came from Robert Henri’s studio providing an excellent replica for any lover or collector alike. Overall Cumulus Clouds, East River remains significant due to its contribution to contemporary approaches towards landscape paintings showcasing not just William Ernest Henley’s poem Invictus but also capturing a moment in time when humanity looked towards nature for inspiration and solace

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