Da Dandy (1919) by Hannah Hoch

Da Dandy - Hannah Hoch - 1919

Artwork Information

TitleDa Dandy
ArtistHannah Hoch
Dimensions11 13/16 x 9 1/16 in. (30 x 23 cm)
Current LocationPrivate collection
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About Da Dandy

One of the notable works of Hannah Höch, a prominent female artist in the early 20th century and a rare female practitioner in the Dada movement, is Da-Dandy. This photomontage depicts women dressed in dandy-style fashion, a vogue upper-class style of the 1920s. Höch frequently placed women at the forefront of her art, aiming to deconstruct myths and dualities around the notion of “New Woman.”

Da-Dandy is composed of complex arrangements of pictorial motifs that explore gender relationships and the role of women in modern society. The work deals with this theme through photomontage and collage as Höch engages in Dadaist political critique simultaneously poking fun at her male counterparts’ machismo and myopic bravura.

Overall, Da Dandy’s portrayal is significant because it shows how Höch used art to express her views on power dynamics within society. Through this piece’s imagery, one can interpret how gender shapes societal expectations for class intersectionality as well. This powerful artwork forms part of important visual treasures that have made an indefinable impact on our modern society’s conception of gender instincts today.

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