Danae (1553 – 1554) by Titian

Danae - Titian - 1553 - 1554

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Date1553 - 1554
Dimensions129 x 180 cm
Art MovementMannerism (Late Renaissance)
Current LocationMuseo del Prado, Madrid, Spain

About Danae

The artwork “Danae” was created by the renowned artist Titian between 1553 and 1554. This oil on canvas painting measures 129 by 180 centimeters and is a significant work within the Mannerism movement, which marked the Late Renaissance period. It is categorized as a mythological painting and is a part of the series of mythological paintings (poesie) crafted by Titian for Philip II during the years 1553 to 1562. Presently, “Danae” is housed in the Museo del Prado in Madrid, Spain.

The artwork depicts the figure of Danae, reclining gracefully on a lush bed, her body is depicted in a relaxed yet sensuous pose that captures the viewer’s attention. Danae’s expression appears contemplative and expectant, possibly anticipating her divine encounter. She is accompanied by an elderly female figure who is eagerly reaching out towards a shower of gold emanating from the stormy clouds above, symbolizing the approach of Zeus, who, according to the myth, impregnated Danae in the form of golden rain. The rich fabric and colors surrounding Danae emphasize her royal status, while the contrast between her youthful beauty and the aged attendant underscores the narrative’s tension. This masterful representation illustrates Titian’s skilled use of color, composition, and the human form to convey a moment of mythological significance with both artistic subtlety and emotional intensity.

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