Danaid (back) (1885-89) by Auguste Rodin

Danaid (back) - Auguste Rodin - 1885-89

Artwork Information

TitleDanaid (back)
ArtistAuguste Rodin
Dimensions12 3/4 x 28 1/4 x 22 1/2 in.
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About Danaid (back)

Danaid (back) is a sculpture created by Auguste Rodin between 1885-89. It was initially modeled as part of The Gates of Hell but was eventually excluded from the final portal version. The sculpture portrays one of the daughters of King Danaus of Argos who were condemned for killing their husbands.

Based on Andromeda, another sculpture from The Gates Of Hell, Danaid represents the despair and futility of the actions committed by the Danaids. Rodin departed from traditional academic sculptural styles and produced rougher, unfinished surfaces in his work. He was primarily interested in exploring the expressive potential of the female form with this piece.

The existing plaster replica measures 24 cm in height and was purchased by Musée du Luxembourg after it was shown at Salon in 1890. In its composition, an overturned jug links it back to its mythological roots. Overall, Danaid (back) is an excellent example of Rodin’s unique approach to sculpture and his ability to capture emotional turmoil through body language and form.

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