Dancer against a stage flat (c.1880) by Edgar Degas

Dancer against a stage flat - Edgar Degas - c.1880

Artwork Information

TitleDancer against a stage flat
ArtistEdgar Degas
Dimensions69 x 48 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Dancer against a stage flat

The artwork titled “Dancer against a stage flat” is an Impressionist genre painting created by Edgar Degas circa 1880. The medium used is pastel, paper, and tempera, which is typical for Degas’ oeuvre, highlighting his adept use of pastels. The piece measures approximately 69 cm by 48 cm and presently resides in a private collection.

The composition of the artwork captures the world of ballet, a frequent subject of Degas’ works, by depicting a dancer leaning against a stage flat. The dancer is dressed in a pastel-toned tutu adorned with floral accents, and her pose suggests a moment of respite or contemplation. Beside her stands another figure, possibly a fellow dancer, partially visible and ornately dressed, which accentuates the depth and space in this backstage scene. The use of light and shadow, along with the delicate hues and soft textures, are indicative of Degas’ Impressionist technique, allowing viewers a glimpse into the intimate spheres of ballet performers. The brushwork and color palette evoke a sense of immediacy and the transient nature of the moments captured, which is central to the Impressionist movement.

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