Dancer arranging her hair (c.1900 – c.1902) by Edgar Degas

Dancer arranging her hair - Edgar Degas - c.1900 - c.1902

Artwork Information

TitleDancer arranging her hair
ArtistEdgar Degas
Datec.1900 - c.1902
Dimensions36.8 x 27.9 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Dancer arranging her hair

The artwork “Dancer arranging her hair” is a pastel creation by the renowned artist Edgar Degas, dated approximately between 1900 and 1902. As a work belonging to the Impressionist movement, it measures 36.8 by 27.9 centimeters and falls within the genre painting category, currently held in a private collection. Degas’ fascination with dancers is evident in this piece, which exudes the spontaneity and fleeting moments characteristic of Impressionism.

The artwork features a dancer captured in an intimate moment of repose, focusing on the adjustment of her hair. The composition is close-cropped, presenting the dancer from behind and in a slightly elevated angle, emphasizing the delicate act and the curvature of her bent arm. The color palette is rich and vibrant, with the tutu rendered in soft hues offset by the bold strokes of green and orange that suggest both the surrounding environment and the energy of the subject. The loose and expressive application of pastel allows for a dynamic interplay between light, shadow, and texture, conveying a sense of movement even in stillness. The dancer’s concentrated gaze is directed away from the viewer, which invites contemplation of her private moment and contributes to the overall intimate atmosphere of the scene.

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