Dancers (c.1895 – c.1900) by Edgar Degas

Dancers - Edgar Degas - c.1895 - c.1900

Artwork Information

ArtistEdgar Degas
Datec.1895 - c.1900
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Dancers

The artwork titled “Dancers” by Edgar Degas dates back to approximately 1895 – 1900. This painting, executed in oil on canvas, is a hallmark of the Impressionist movement, a genre that Degas is closely associated with. The genre of this particular piece is considered genre painting, and it currently resides in a private collection.

The painting features a group of dancers in varying poses and activities. The focal point appears to be a ballerina seated on a wooden chair, adjusting the strap of her ballet slipper. Her posture suggests a momentary rest from dance, or perhaps preparation or contemplation before performing. The brushwork is loose and fluid—a characteristic of Impressionism—which gives a sense of movement and spontaneity to the scene. Light and shadow are used to add depth, and colors are applied in such a way that they suggest the textures of the dancers’ surroundings, costumes, and flesh tones without meticulous detail.

Degas is renowned for his works depicting dancers, capturing behind-the-scenes moments of the ballet world with a candid realism that was innovative at the time. The artwork provides a glimpse into the everyday lives of dancers, which contrasts with the glamor usually associated with their performances on stage. The composition, the skillful use of color and light, and the fleeting quality of the scene altogether exemplify the ethos of the Impressionist movement and Degas’s mastery within it.

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