Dancers in the Wings (c.1885) by Edgar Degas

Dancers in the Wings - Edgar Degas - c.1885

Artwork Information

TitleDancers in the Wings
ArtistEdgar Degas
Dimensions61 x 50 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Dancers in the Wings

The artwork “Dancers in the Wings” is a captivating creation by the renowned artist Edgar Degas, dating back to circa 1885. This oil on canvas piece measures approximately 61 by 50 centimeters and stands as an exquisite example of the genre painting tradition within the Impressionist art movement. Currently held in a private collection, this work by Degas showcases the behind-the-scenes moment of dancers.

In the artwork, one observes the vivid and dynamic scene of ballet dancers waiting in the wings. Degas employs an array of brushstrokes to capture the fleeting movements and delicate poses of the dancers. The use of light and shadow creates a strong sense of depth and immediacy, inviting viewers to witness the anticipation and preparation before a performance. The dancers are depicted in various states of readiness, with their costumes adding bursts of color to the composition. The overall effect is one of engaging intimacy and informality, a hallmark of Degas’ approach to portraying the world of dance.

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