Dancers on a Plane (1979) by Jasper Johns

Dancers on a Plane - Jasper Johns - 1979

Artwork Information

TitleDancers on a Plane
ArtistJasper Johns
MediumOil on Canvas with objects
Dimensions198.1 x 162.6 cm (78 x 64")
Current LocationCollection of the Artist

About Dancers on a Plane

Dancers on a Plane is a suite of two works by Jasper Johns created in 1979. The artwork comprises oil on canvas and is set within an artist-made decorated bronze frame. Johns, the famous American painter, sculptor and printmaker, is widely associated with abstract expressionism, neo-Dada, and pop art movements.

It is a complex visual that assimilates interrelated themes and motifs into an abstract manifestation of femininity through social characteristics. The painting highlights the theme of dance as well. Created during his tenure as Merce Cunningham Dance Company’s artistic advisor starting from 1967-69 to 1990s.

The artwork depicts women balanced atop a geometric structure in yellow against a background of gray brushstrokes with arrows pointing upwards below them suggesting ascension or rising movement being restricted by the boundaries created by fixed geometry. Dancers on a Plane showcases John’s unique style characterized by its abstraction i.e., the transformation of geometric forms into symbols referring to specific events or ideas inviting viewers’ interpretations based on art-history references rather than solely his own assumptions about what art reflects around him/her–allowing for new insights every time it is seen rather than becoming stale overtime like other artworks.

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