Dancing (1978) by Aaron Bohrod

Dancing - Aaron Bohrod - 1978

Artwork Information

ArtistAaron Bohrod
Dimensions14 x 24 in

About Dancing

Aaron Bohrod was an American artist known for his various artwork styles such as realism, cityscapes and trompe-l’oeil paintings. The latter being a highly decorated, detailed painting style that creates an illusion of reality. However in 1978, he dabbled with a new theme featuring bodies in motion contrasting against the background of seated men adorned in drab clothing with great attention to figures and architecture details softened with glimmering surface effects.

Bohrod’s Dancing (1978) canvas amplifies human body movements’ sensuality through boldness while creating depth through tonal variations. It shows gradient shading techniques using neutral contrasting colors perfect for capturing the dancers’ forms while keeping them distinct from each other. The opposite can be said to the aged-looking group of males clashing their dull costumes against the enrapturing ambiance stirred up by its surroundings’ warm tones.

The Aaron Bohrod Estate is currently represented by ACA Galleries since 1999. Two Smithsonian American Art Museum exhibitions and one National Gallery exhibition feature works by Aaron Bohrod among others. Dancing encapsulates Bohrod’s versatility as an artist that spans across different art styles but still retaining unique characteristics that truly define him as an iconic painter of his generation.

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