Dancing Girl Resting (c.1864) by Albert Joseph Moore

Dancing Girl Resting - Albert Joseph Moore - c.1864

Artwork Information

TitleDancing Girl Resting
ArtistAlbert Joseph Moore
Art MovementAcademicism
Current LocationPrivate Collection
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About Dancing Girl Resting

“Dancing Girl Resting” is an artwork created by Albert Joseph Moore around 1864 in the United Kingdom. This genre painting, executed in oil on canvas, falls within the Academicism art movement. Originally, this piece belonged to a private collection.

In the artwork, we can observe two female figures in a setting that evokes a luxurious and possibly ancient environment. The central figure is a woman standing upright, dominating the scene with her presence. She is clad in a flowing white garment that drapes elegantly around her form. The material of the dress suggests a silky or lightweight fabric, catching light and creating soft shadows that accentuate its folds. The woman’s attire and stance give an impression of rest after movement, possibly as indicated by the title, after dancing.

Her head is adorned with a red scarf that wraps gracefully around her hair, adding a touch of color to the otherwise neutral palette of the scene. The expression on her face is calm and somewhat reflective, possibly conveying a moment of respite or introspection.

Below and to the side of the standing woman is a second female figure, who appears to be seated on the ground. This figure is significantly smaller in scale, suggesting that she may be a younger individual or a child. She engages in some sort of activity with her hands, possibly playing with an object or perhaps a piece of jewelry. The contrast in their activities and the calm demeanor of both figures emphasize a serene atmosphere.

The ground is covered with a striking patterned rug and a leopard print pelt, suggesting luxury and exotic taste. A vertical object with orange flames is partially observable on the right side of the work, which might hint at an instrument, a heater, or a piece of ornate furniture, contributing to the setting’s opulence.

Around the figures, the background is comprised of a large patterned drape and other less defined elements that blend seamlessly into the warm, textured backdrop. This backdrop provides a contrast that highlights the subjects, yet it also harmonizes with the overall earthly and warm tonality of the composition.

The artwork invites contemplation of its narrative – the moment captured and the possible relationship between the two figures, along with the context provided by their attire and surroundings. The Academicism style of the painting is apparent in the precise depiction of form and fabric, careful composition, and adherence to classical beauty standards.

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