Dancing woman (c.1920) by Ilya Repin

Dancing woman - Ilya Repin - c.1920

Artwork Information

TitleDancing woman
ArtistIlya Repin
Art MovementRealism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Dancing woman

The artwork titled “Dancing woman” is believed to be a creation of Ilya Repin, a distinguished artist associated with the Realism art movement. This portrait, which dates to approximately 1920, utilizes oil on plywood as its medium. The artwork originally resides in a private collection, indicating that it is held outside the public domain and accessible to viewership at the discretion of its owner.

The artwork presents a compelling portrayal of a woman engaged in what appears to be a dancing activity. Her posture and the suggested movement in the composition imbue a sense of rhythmic motion. The woman is adorned with a richly patterned headdress that captures the eye with intricate details and metallic hues, which, under the presumed lighting, offers a glistening effect.

The expression on the woman’s face is one of joy and playfulness, her smile slightly tilted in a coy manner, inviting viewers to share in her merriment. The prominence of reds within her clothing, specifically the shawl or scarf with vivid floral patterns that she holds draped over her arm, contrasts with the softer, more subdued tones of her blouse. The backdrop is indistinct, allowing the figure and her dynamic pose to dominate the visual narrative.

The brushwork appears textured and energetic, reflecting the Realist approach’s emphasis on emotive and detailed representation, yet still imbuing the work with an interpretive vitality that transcends strict realism. The composition cleverly captures a fleeting moment, suggesting motion through a series of brisk and spirited strokes that echo the dancer’s own spirited tempo.

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