Dark (1986) by Gerhard Richter

Dark - Richter, Gerhard - 1986 - 2

Artwork Information

ArtistGerhard Richter
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions260 x 200 cm (102 1/2 x 78 3/4 in.)
Art MovementAbstract Expressionism
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About Dark

German artist Gerhard Richter is known for his diverse range of artwork, which shifts between figurative and abstract painting. One of his notable works is “Abstract Painting No.599”, created in 1986 in the style of Abstract Expressionism. The painting features dark colors and bold brushstrokes, with layers of paint creating a textured surface.

In addition to this, Richter’s abstract works from the 1990s challenge the viewer to focus on the pure elements of art, such as color, gesture, and layering. His artwork “VICTORIA I” (1987) is an example of this style, featuring four-color offset printing on light cardboard.

Art critic Benjamin Buchloh interpreted Richter’s art as a historical critique of bourgeois decadence in 1986. However, Richter declared his allegiance to Western painting’s grand tradition at that time.

Gerhard Richter has had a remarkable career spanning nearly six decades and is considered one of the greatest artists of our time. His artwork continues to inspire and challenge viewers with its unique blend of figurative and abstract styles.

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