Das Kreisen (revolving) (1919) by Kurt Schwitters

Das Kreisen (revolving) - Kurt Schwitters - 1919

Artwork Information

TitleDas Kreisen (revolving)
ArtistKurt Schwitters
Dimensions48 3/8 x 35 in. (122.7 x 88.7 cm)
Current LocationThe Museum Of Modern Art, New York
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About Das Kreisen (revolving)

Kurt Schwitters was a notable German Dada artist known for his use of found objects, typography, and sound poetry in his works. One of his renowned paintings is Das Kreisen (Revolving) from 1919. This abstract piece demonstrates the Dada style that Schwitters was associated with.

Das Kreisen features bold shapes and colors arranged in a circular pattern. The circles seem to be revolving around a central point, which gives the painting its title. The use of geometric forms and bright colors suggests that this work is devoid of any representational meaning. Instead, it seeks to entice the viewer into thoughtful consideration through visual stimulation.

Schwitters produced Revolving during the formative period of World War I when artists were disillusioned with society’s traditional values and beliefs. The non-representational nature of Das Kreisen resounds with this idea as it defies what art up until then had always represented – reality depicted in person or landscape.

In addition to Das Kreisen, another one of Schwitters’ works on display at MoMA is Picture with Light Center. His ability to create groundbreaking and unique art continues to inspire contemporary artists today who seek originality outside conventionality’s constraints.

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