De l’autre côté du miroir (2022) by Romain Dorez

De l’autre côté du miroir - Romain Dorez - 2022

Artwork Information

TitleDe l’autre côté du miroir
ArtistRomain Dorez
MediumAcrylic, Spray Paint on Canvas
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About De l’autre côté du miroir

The artwork titled “De l’autre côté du miroir” is a creation by artist Romain Dorez, completed in the year 2022. This piece employs acrylic and spray paint on canvas, spanning dimensions of 39.4 by 31.9 inches. Reflecting an urban sensibility, the work resides within the pop art movement, embodying the genre’s penchant for bold imagery derived from popular and mass culture.

At the center of the artwork stands a male figure, dressed in a suit and bowler hat, reminiscent of a businessman or perhaps a nod to the iconic imagery of Rene Magritte’s surrealistic portraits. However, the face is obscured by what appears to be a vibrant, colorful smear that could symbolize a distortion or an alternate reality, in keeping with the artwork’s title which suggests looking beyond the surface or through a mirror. The background is partitioned by lines and includes a geometric configuration of color blocks that may hint at influences of abstract art alongside pop art tendencies.

The bottom third of the canvas depicts a whimsical scene featuring a rubber duck in a bubble bath, complete with bathroom fixtures like faucets. This playful addition contrasts with the formality of the figure above, introducing an element of the surreal or unexpected into the domestic sphere. The juxtaposition of such dissimilar visuals creates a striking and thought-provoking composition that encourages viewers to consider various interpretations related to identity, reality, and the everyday versus the fantastical.

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