Death Of Adam (c. 1466) by Piero Della Francesca

Death Of Adam - Piero Della Francesca - c. 1466

Artwork Information

TitleDeath Of Adam
ArtistPiero Della Francesca
Datec. 1466
Dimensions390 x 747 cm
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About Death Of Adam

Piero Della Francesca’s Death of Adam painting, completed around 1466, is a monumental work that depicts the biblical story of the first man’s death. The painting portrays Adam lying on his deathbed as he exchanges final moments with his family, which includes Eve and their offspring. Eve stands sorrowfully at the head of the bed holding an apple, symbolizing sin and mortality.

The artist emphasizes Adam’s physical decline by depicting him with a wrinkled forehead and hands that show his aged veins and bones. The use of tone creates emphasis on different areas such as Adam’s foot which looks lifeless signifying he is already deceased. Piero uses an array of bold colors to create depth; this includes incorporating gold tones for objects surrounding the death scene like curtains made of silk or drapes covering the wall.

In line with Renaissance art principles evidential in many other works produced during that era, Piero elegantly presents knowledge related to life after death through cleverly coded art techniques (symbols). On one end of Adam’s bed lies cross-staffed symbols, serving as reminders to viewers regarding life’s temporary nature while there are cherubs perched on top singing softly; indication he is being reunited with them or preparing to enter heaven further emphasizing his passage from flesh to spirit.

In summary, while some aspects remain uncertain concerning Death Of Adam artwork owing to its age and cultural crossover appeal— one crucial thing recurs— its intentional complexity in design delivers potent messages worthy of our analysis till date regardless of faith or belief systems.

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